I am a senior research fellow at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz and currently an interim professor for Political Science at the University of Mannheim. With a focus on development studies, peace and conflict research and international political economy, I am particularly interested in how the use and governance of natural resources affects local livelihoods and social conflict.

In the past years, I have studied the institutional conditions under which minerals, oil or agriculture foster intrastate violence, encourage the provision of public goods or promote socio-economic wellbeing and food security. Advancing our understanding of the structural factors capable of promoting more sustainable forms of natural resource extraction and land use is a major aim of my academic work. Additional research interests include large-scale land acquisitions and social cohesion, climate change mitigation, gender inequalities and the socio-environmental consequences of foreign aid. The following pages provide more information on my research agenda and ongoing projects.

My research relies on multiple methods (including statistical modeling, GIS analysis, survey methodology and mixed methods design) and I enjoy collaborating with scholars of various disciplines. My work has been generously supported by the German Research Foundation and has been published in journals such as World Development, Political Geography or Journal of Peace Research.

I held research and teaching positions as an interim professor for Political Science at the University of Konstanz and Zeppelin University, as a research fellow at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, a visiting fellow at the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy at Harvard University, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Lucerne. I received my PhD in Political Science from Pompeu Fabra University.

You can access my University of Konstanz website here and my google scholar page here.